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July 19, 2012
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Babsgirl is ICONIC, and you're NOT! by obnoxiouslySarcastic Babsgirl is ICONIC, and you're NOT! by obnoxiouslySarcastic
All characters depicted are owned by DC Comics.

Well, this is a rare occurrence for me: A fan comic.

I whipped this up in response to the news from SDCC that Stephanie Brown would be replaced in Smallville with Barbara Gordon because Barbara Gordon is more "iconic," as reported here: [link]

Stephanie Brown is, of course, my favorite comic book character - and my favorite Batgirl - and I am very upset by this news.

Please note that this comic is not meant to be a criticism of Barbara Gordon. While I disagree with DC's decision to switch her from Oracle back to Batgirl, this comic is targeted at DC comics's treatment of their characters that they deem to be "non-iconic" - which, to me, seems to be everyone who isn't Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.

Partially inspired by this beauty, from the Waffles for Steph Tumblr: [link]

If you don't know about Waffles for Steph, it is a fan movement that is trying to get Stephanie Brown back in comics by sending waffles to DC offices. More information can be found here, on the movement's Deviant Art Group: [link]


I cannot draw wheelchairs. The end.

I have a ton of appreciation for every artist who has worked on the New 52 Batgirl series. Because that costume is FUCKING CRAZY TO DRAW. And I didn't even go into that much detail.
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coos111 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Still love Babs and you have to admit she's been through a lot. Stephanie is okay but I do hate how people pit Step and Babs against each other, Babs should be a Mentor to Step and the 2 of them should be good BFFs. :)
takashid34 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Sigh... i used to Love Barbara Gordon she was one of my favorite characters. What ive realized since the reboot though is that myself and comic fans from my generation all grew up getting to know her not as Batgirl(though she's always been everywhere in the animated stuff), but as Oracle: the powerful team leader who never let losing her legs stop her passion for justice and had just as much influence as batman. She had her own team, she had so much knowledge and power at her disposal and she was an experienced pro. I could go on, but i know im preaching to the choir here. Point is, I used to LOVE Babs. But ever since the reboot i have become increasingly irritated with her to the point that i kinda hate her a little now. There's no reason to revert her so much. Even if she really has to be batgirl again, why does that mean that Steph and Cass have to go too? Just give Babs her own book and launch a team book about babs being a leader and mentor to Cass and Steph. It could still have babs as the main character in both books! I dont understand why dc cant throw us a bone as easy as that.

P.S this comic is great and is what inspired that word vomit up there. Very nice! :)
KickingKoryAnders Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh.... It's the sad, sad, sad truth...... V . V,
Yob3 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012
For me, Stephanie is like the Chloe of the Batman verse. Shes not very well known, but shes still pretty cool! I especially loved her time as Robin
queen-feministe Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love Waffles for Steph! I agree completely with this. I admit freely to loving Wondergirl's New 52 outfit 'cause it is so freaking gorgeous and epic, but everything else about the new 52 irks me to death (especially Tim Drake's Sky Dancer threads, but that's not for here). I love Babs as Batgirl, I really do, but just 'cause I like her as Batgirl doesn't mean Steph needs to be written out of the picture with Cass. Why not write different continuums, like more adventures from Babs' past as Batgirl? Why push Steph aside to tell those stories? Didio is on my "must spam with Steph-related stuff now plz" hit list. :)
obnoxiouslySarcastic Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student General Artist
I actually, for the most part, think that the reboot was a good decision. I mean, there've been some hiccups here and there - Catwoman, anything touched by Lobdell or Liefeld, some of the more garish redesigns - but I think it was necessary in order to reinvigorate a dying industry.
I'm not saying that you're not entitled to your opinion about it; I'm just trying to clarify that this strip isn't necessarily anti-New 52 as a whole. It's solely anti-no-Batgirl-but-Babs-showing-up-anywhere-including-stories-that-aren't-included-in-New-52-continuity.

It's funny that you're suggesting that, 'cause they're (kind of) doing that TOO, AS WELL as having her as Batgirl in the New 52! xD
Ame-Comi Heroines tells stories that are set in an alternate universe and feature anime-ified versions of DC's heroines, including - guess who - Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.

It's funny that you say that because I read somewhere - I believe an interview with Geoff Johns, about three or four years ago - that Steph's actually one of Didio's favorite characters.
(Which doesn't make sense, considering the editorial decisions being made, but whatever.)
I don't really think that it's because he's unaware that Steph and Cass have fanbases - they are, after all, asked after at EVERY con, and many Batfamily writers, including Gail Simone and Scott Snyder, have publicly stated that they had pitches for Steph and Cass, only to be turned down. I just think that there's someone really high up - higher than Didio - in the DC offices that really, really dislikes all Batladies who aren't Babs.

Also. thanks for the :+fav:!! :)
queen-feministe Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD That's true. My main issue is everything being over-designed and overdone. I mean, the costumes are just so detailed and extravagant. In addition to that, I am not a fan of the new titles, except for the Titans (minus Tim's awful new costume), and I guess I'm upset at how they've redesigned and or redone my favorite characters (in the case of Steph, not at all). I'm just bitching mad 'cause of that, lol, so don't mind my tantrum-throwing. Couldn't we all just have different time lines being told at the same time? Babs was Batgirl, THE Batgirl (not counting Bette Kane), and we could still have tales of her escapades as Batgirl, just in the past. Different time continuums and all that. I wish they'd do that, I think that's what I am getting at as a fan woman. XD I want to see more stories of the past 'cause it was fun before, and to me it isn't as fun now. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. I would settle for having Steph and Cass in this new universe, I guess, and Steph being snarky with Damien.
ranwolf1976 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
isn't oracle and Babs-Batgirl the same person?
obnoxiouslySarcastic Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student General Artist
The implication is that Babs as Batgirl is deemed to be "iconic" by DC Editorial, while Babs as Oracle is not.
ranwolf1976 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
that's rather odd, considering she's been Oracle almost as long as she's been Batgirl... I think.
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